fruitsuper design’s information kiosk . . .

this is an example how a good school design project can become the transitional bridge into professional practice. in 2008, sallyann corn and joe kent wanted to
do a group project in our making meaning design studio about the dynamic food culture in new york, related to food vending trucks and kiosks. they called the project, “street eats” and the final results were very convincing as a new cuisine concept for experiencing international flavor on the go. from the making meaning street eats kiosk concept, sallyann & joe were able to get the attention of grand central partnership for a redesign of their existing information stations in 2009. using a similar approach as they did for the mm street eats project, fruitsuper design conducted an extensive period of field research, info greeter interviews, materials testing and observation analysis. a new fleet of three info stations were launched in the spring of 2010. fruitsuper added an eye-catching, approachable & innovative design to the existing urban streetscape. grand central partnership’s fruitsuper designed approach to their information stations have had an increase
in visitor inquiries by over 40% since their debut. quite amazing to say the least !

fruitsuper’s info-kiosk cfor grand central partnership, nyc.

fruitsuper’s design process for making meaning’s street eats
and grand central partnership’s information kiosk

posted 14 February 2011

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