ufo sightings in bavaria . . .

regensburg, bavaria has just started a brand new program for industrial design
within the university of applied sciences (hochschule regensburg). the first year industrial design students are the following:

nadine albrecht • bianca bauer • carolin bauer • saskia deschan • david drust • felicitas enders • michael fischer • niklas forchhammer • stefanie gmach • anna grameier • daniel hösl • milena huber • stephan jäger • charlotte klein • kevin lexen • marion meindl • lena müller-kress • andrea müllner • jennifer nadenik • giulia nemmert • lucrezia papillo • markus pauthner • stefan plath • maximilian resch • matthias seitz • ulrich simmann • kathrin waitzhofer • dominik weber

the assignment was to design a flying object for an uncooked egg, so that it could be launched from the 3rd story window at the school building (prüfeninger straße 58) and would arrive safely when it reaches the ground. the only materials to be used was one A2 size piece of bistol board (or in many cases, even less than 1/2 of a sheet) and white paper glue. the ufo had to be open at the end of the ride to check the condition of it’s cargo. another thing to be taken into consideration was that someone else would have to launch your ufo. in addition to that; depending on the weather conditions, other aspects which could effect the flight’s success might involve wind &/or rain. i liked that there was some experimentation to account for trial and error by testing prototypes. we had a second venue (die zweite runde) for some of the students that weren’t successful the first time around. in general, it was very interesting that from the individual ideas, a wide range in objects, with varying morphology were created with successful results . . .

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I always like this flying egg challenge. I like the variety of concepts I see here.

greetings john,

thanks for the comment &
i have to agree with you . . .


posted 10 April 2012

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