light, design & spacial ambience . . .

“for the correct analogy for the mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting . . .”
on listening, essays by plutarch, translation by robin waterfield.

light, design & spacial ambience participants:
alfonso copé gómez-aguado • arancha lorenzana • asimina koutsogianni • cynthia khor • daniela hoffrichter • danuta kril • denisa marinescu • galina protcheva • gloria gagu • huijing zhu • jacob birdas • kate bobrovskaya • lykke ley • matthew burger • mengqi huang • michela morresi • milena huber • olga chekunova • pablo leñador • roy lee • sabine eichholz • stefan-radu pintilie • stefania tatiana smolkina • sven müller brandelius • yunbo vince guo • zoe ossa •

bauhaus 2013: 400 students from 62 different nations

this student driven workshop explored the connections between designed objects, architectural spaces and the quality of light. light is often described with words usually reserved to identify human traits and characteristics; as if the light source would be a living organism. there is a rather long and colorful tradition of giving light anthropomorphic value. it’s rather human to become emotionally connected with objects • spaces because we are always rationally (& irrationally) seeking patterns of meaning in the world around us.

the 150th anniversary of henry clement van de velde’s birth

in conjunction with the 2013 henry van de velde anniversary in thüringen, we examined some of van de velde’s spaces • buildings in weimar, such as haus hohe pappeln and the main building of bauhaus university, for their quality of light. we then designed objects &/or spaces that captured a quality of light that can be described as emotionally connected. to summarize in a nutshell what this wonderful workshop with 24 students from 13 different countries was about; emotional light, designed objects and spaces. on behalf of all our participants i especially want to thank, daniela raddi and her summer academy team, professor dipom ingenieur rainer haegele, carly and sven brandelius and last but not least, the wizard with students and plaster, sabine eichholz.

here are a few excerpts from our results . . .

emotion ocean 6 video . . .

ld&sa. process guide: zoe ossa & pablo leñador 2012

ld&sa. process guide: mengqi huang & alfonso copé 2012

ld&sa. process guide: asimina koutsogianni & huijing zhu 2012

ld&sa. process guide: cynthia khor 2012

ld&sa. process guide: daniela hoffrichter & michela morresi 2012

ld&sa. process guide: olga chekunova & roy lee 2012

ld&sa. process guide: eva; lykke ley & jacob birdas 2012

ld&sa. process guide: danuta kril & kate bobrovskaya 2012

ld&sa. process guide: galina protcheva & yunbo guo 2012

a conceptual system: daniela hoffrichter & michela morresi 2012

ld&sa. process guide:
emotion ocean 6; arancha lorenzana, denisa marinescu, gloria gagu, milena huber, stefan pintilie & stefania smolkina. 2012

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posted 19 August 2012

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