rite of passage in regensburg . . .

an important part of the educational system in germany usually involves the successful completion of an entrance exam at the university level. here are a few visual impressions of the recent rite of passage, in the department of architecture, for the new hybrid industrial design program at the university of applied sciences regensburg. the following individuals have decided to join us on our experimental design adventure:

aaron vander bee • amelie kainz • andreas wagner • anna gerauer-aigner • anna knaut • artem ugnivenko • benedikt bandtlow • carina höcht • cassandra schmid • christine tschech • corinna schaschek • elena benvenuti • hannes bruß • ina turinsky • ines rammensee • ines wolf • jinny martens • johanna brunner • jonna breiten-
huber • konstantin beitsch • laura wittmann • lukas walzer • lukas zeidler • lydia miller • matthias pielmeier • melanie mager • patricio grau • patrick dudewicz • patrick oberbracht • paula schrott • sebastian killinger • simon budich • simone anzer • thomas hufnagl • veronika stärz

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Impressive. Thank you for this insight into what to expect at the entrance examinations. 🙂

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posted 1 October 2012

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