the importance of coffee (drinking rituals) & beth fuller’s • michael weaker’s nespresso concepts

the importance of coffee: beth fuller’s & michael weaker’s nespresso coffee concepts, which are at the end of all the other images and worth seeing . . .

the milk brother, from po-chih lai

the milk brother • moka milk frother is inherited from the moka pot, also known as a macchinetta (literally “small machine”), a stove top coffee maker which produces coffee by passing hot water pressurized by steam through ground coffee. moka pot was first patented by inventor luigi de ponti for alfonso bialetti in 1933. bialetti industrie continues to produce the same model under the name “moka express”.

braun coffee maker, from geomertry of design by kimberly elam, page 95
in 1996 phil patton* wrote an article, for the (then) editor of id magazine,
chee pearlman, called: caution contents hot ! it started out like this, “like most americans, i spend a lot of time on the road and drink a lot of coffee while i’m there. lids began to pile up on my car floor and i noticed how many varieties there were, how various and intricate the device is and how intensely designed they were . . . ”

the coffee lids story-updated, by phill patton*

the atlantic: the rise of the plastic, disposable coffee cup lid, by nicola twilley

edible geography: the evolution of lids, also by nicola twilley

design observer: kirsten hively’s collection of coffee cup lids & registration marks

the image below is from, louise harpman & scott specht’s
“peel, pucker, pinch, puncture,” cabinet magazine:

photograph by louise harpman for cabinet magazineahmed derrouche at café rustica, 356 beacon, somerville massachusettscoffee awards at 1369 the coffee house, central square, cambridge massachusettsfarouq's latte, at café rustica, 356 beacon, somerville massachusettsclinton hill coffee on de kalb avenuejoe the art of coffee, on 23rd street, manhattanlatte at 1369 the coffee house, central square, cambridge massachusetts

“a coffee place is a public space” velopresso participating in richard rogers’
royal academy of arts, exhibit “inside out,” in london in 2013 . . .
velopresso, the pedal-powered coffee trike

michael weaker's nespresso concept: arabica

* a disconnected link to “top this” by phil patton & photography by james wojcik

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votre cafe est tres beau le meme en france ce serait genial salut a bientot

posted 27 September 2013

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