design (education) quo vadis . . .

gestalten lehren – auf der kippe ?
the institute for art education at the university of regensburg

paraphrasing rather that translating the german title (for the venue held this week by institute for art education in conjunction with other partners*) could be close to “art and design education at the tipping point”
or “art & design education on the verge . . . ”
professor birgit eiglsperger, ph.d invited professor andreas emminger, from the department of architecture oth regensburg, to participate in this venue. andreas asked if i wanted to be involved and we decided to use an interdisciplinary case study from our design one curriculum to facilitate a design dialogue . . .

a case study of interdisciplinary design education at the
oth: university of applied sciences, regenburg 2012-14

somewhat serendipitous, the if industry forum for design in hanover was asking a similar question in 2013 with their design quo vadis ? four voices venue . . .
“design ist ein arbeitsfeld und ein lehrgebiet, das mit unschärfen zu tun hat und eigentlich gar nicht richtig in regeln zu packen ist.” professor wolfgang sattler.

design quo vadis ? if industry forum for design

* the main organizational body for the venue “gestalten lehren auf der kippe ?”
is the institute for art education at the university of regensburg and its director, professor birgit eiglsperger, ph.d. other organizational bodies / partners include the following:
• art forum, eastern german gallery of regensburg
• municipal gallery in leeren beutel, regensburg
• oth: university of applied sciences regensburg, department of architecture
• professor franz billmayer and mozarteum university of salzburg, austria
• university of regensburg’s center for teacher education (rul)

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posted 28 November 2014

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