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on the way to coney island . . .

there is, of course, a coney island in ireland, but that’s not the one i’m referring to here. on the way to coney island and the atlantic ocean, via the n train, you can get off at the 86th street station to see the new mosaics (the public art mosaics were part of the overall […]

posted 14 September 2020

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we don’t need another hero . . .

follow your bliss . . .
if you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track
that has been there all the while waiting for you and the life
you ought to be living is the one you are living. when you can
see that, you begin to meet people who are in the […]

posted 10 April 2020

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small is beautiful; human powered vehicle . . .

neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers
from the swift completion of their appointed rounds . . .

yes, small is beautiful. a human powered vehicle, otherwise known as a united states postal service satchel delivery cart. these satchel delivery cart is typical of the carts used by u.s. […]

posted 10 April 2019

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intangible architecture . . .

intangible |inˈtanjəbəl|
unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence: my companions do not care about cyberspace or anything else so intangible.
• difficult or impossible to define or understand; vague and abstract: the rose symbolized something intangible about their relationship.
• (of an asset or benefit) not constituting or represented by a physical object and […]

posted 10 March 2019

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ascending & descending guernsey island . . .

channel island guernsey has over 42 miles of coastal paths. the cliff path network of the south coast of guernsey meanders from la valette for 28.5 miles before finishing at pleinmont. the south coast cliffs are a continuous expanse of semi-natural vegetation on the island, consisting mainly of maritime heathland and cliff-top grassland. flanerie festivals: […]

posted 25 August 2018

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eva’s austrian iD1 crew excursion . . .

eva höschl’s excursion with the iD1 crew from the oth’s industrial design program, department of architecture, university of applied sciences regensburg.
sunday, december 10th, the 20th anniversary exhibit at the kunsthaus bregenz:
dear to me, in addition to a conversation between architect peter zumtor and philosopher ralf konersmann. monday, december 11th a visit to lichtforum (entwicklung […]

posted 13 December 2017

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south africa’s cape town & the power of one . . .

the almighty conceived the cactus plant. if god would choose a plant to represent him, i think he would choose of all plants the cactus. the cactus has all the blessings he tried, but mostly failed, to give to man. let me tell you how.
it has humility, but it is not submissive. it grows […]

posted 24 November 2017

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plzeň design week . . .

plzeň design week is a collaboration to enhance design communication and energy between the czech republic with, among others, the german state of bavaria:
plzeň design week 2017

posted 20 November 2017

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