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the game called, “feet planted” . . .

feet planted | pétanque | boule
a brief description of the game’s invention:
games where, a spherical object &/or ball | boule in french |, are played
on the ground have a very long history, dating back through the middle
ages to ancient rome, and before that to ancient greece and egypt . . .
in france in […]

posted 14 May 2023

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everyday hero: tucker & toothpaste . . .

tucker viemeister of viemeister industries delights in the universal look
of toothpaste tubes. the tubes look the same, but the design and their
contents reflect a national character . . .
zonweiss: the first toothpaste in a tube . . .
kilmer house | johnson & johnson

a portrait of designer tucker viemeister,
by ned myerberg & […]

posted 5 May 2023

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