alphabets for the blind & asphalt: mcvey hardware

if you are interested in disparate dialogue about the nature of things related to the arts, the sciences, design and technology, in the character of james burke’s * book, the pinball effect, then i would encourage you to look at john mc vey’s website called hardware. i have known john for about ten years as a professor of design, resource, scholar, colleague & friend. we have a number of passions in common and i have also learned how to be a better teacher of young, curiously creative minds through john: mcvey hardware

alphabets for the blind

as in, a dark bituminous substance that is found in natural beds & is also obtained as a residue in petroleum refining and that consists chiefly of hydrocarbons, as well as an asphaltic composition used for pavements and as a waterproof cement. charles and ray eames made a film entitled, blacktop, in 1952 now in volume 2, eames films:

blacktop: eames office, films

*wikipedia: james burke

posted 21 September 2010

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