form, texture & pattern inceptions in paper, for ralph pucci . . .

congratulations to all of the students from pratt institute’s school of art & design that participated with ralph pucci international on their conceptual paper project. i would especially like to congratulate all the id graduate & id undergraduate students, along with their industrial design faculty advisor, josh longo, for the quality of work that they produced for pucci international. this adventurous project, under the auspices of rebeccah pailes-friedman, acting chair of fashion design, and in conjunction with the fashion design, the fine arts, the industrial design and the interior design departments, this interdisciplinary work is being exhibited this week at ralph pucci’s west 18th street, manhattan gallery. on tuesday evening, december 7th, dana otto, industrial design senior, received a gold award for her feminine 紙 • paper design concept. pictured here below are a few images from the ralph pucci international, located at 44 west 18th street, 9th floor, manhattan exhibition . . .

in addition, there’s also the fashion context of issey miyake
with his experimentation of 紙 • paper as a material . . .
issey miyake & paper experiments

a recent exhibit at 21 21 design sight, 9-7-6 akasaka, minato-ku, tokyo,
japan, from the 16th of november until december 26th, 2010
issey miyake & reality lab at 21 21, design sight

for phaidon books, colin mc dowell reports on issey miyake:
issey miyake: fashion that starts with folded paper

lastly, there’s also trish witkowski’s foldfactory for more inspiration as well
as the book, unfolded, 紙 • paper in design:
unfolded: paper in design, art, architecture & industry

posted 9 December 2010

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