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in an urban environment, humanitarian values are characterized by people’s behavior within public spaces. a sense of life’s quality is reflected in society’s collective interactions within the public realm. changing perceptions of shared public space and enhancing the context of the quality of life can be achieved through the use of design.
in the spring of this year, the industrial design students at the university of applied sciences regensburg (the iD4 crew), began a human scaled exploration of the connections between the quality of life and public space. their point of departure was the neighboring municipality of kelheim, located in the bavarian region of niederbayern. trailblazing support for this half year journey was supplied by oth instructors and staff members carly brandelius schmitt, jakob timpe, michael salberg and myself in conjunction with kelheim’s altstadt manager stephan bergmann as well as kelheim’s city architect and planner matthias längin. the iD4 crew shared their semester long studio topic with three design exchange students; two masters of architecture students visiting from escuela técnica superior de arquitectura de la coruña, spain and one masters of architecture students visiting from the german jordanian university, in amman, jordan.
the culmination for the entire project was reached this evening with the opening of a public exhibit in kelheim in the ludwigstraße number one. the exhibit will be on view at this location until january 6th, 2014.

die lust am öffentlichen raum: exhibit information

design students develop concepts for kelheim

some examples of the iD4 crew’s process guides:

01) kathrin waitzhofer: a design concept for kelheim’s alter markt

02) andrea müllner: a design concept for connecting kelheim

03) niklas forchhammer: a system for public seating

04) silvia rodriguez iglesias: a winter metaphor of water & light

05) david drust: a concept for a passenger vessel called silica

06) adriana lópez pérez: a concept for a floating bar in kelheim

07) felicitas enders & milena huber: project x

08) bianca bauer: a proposal for fontanna della ville jumelée

09) marion meindl: project trim kelheim

10) giulia nemmert: a concept for kelheim’s living room

11) stefan plath: the comet mobility concept

12) nadine albrecht: experiencing water with the senses

13) saskia deschan & lena müller-kress: mobile event stands for cities

14) charlotte klein: a roof terrace proposal for müller in kelheim

15) jennifer nadenik: organize, explore and experience kelheim

16) daniel hösl: a visualization of the streetscape

members of the iD4 crew:
nadine albrecht • bianca bauer • saskia deschan • david drust • felicitas enders • michael fischer • niklas forchhammer • stefanie gmach • hamed hassan • daniel hösl • milena huber • silvia rodriguez iglesias • stephan jäger • charlotte klein • kevin lexen • marion meindl • lena müller-kress • andrea müllner • jennifer nadenik • giulia nemmert • lucrezia papillo • adriana lópez pérez • stefan plath • maximilian resch • ulrich simmann • kathrin waitzhofer • dominik weber

posted 11 December 2013

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