rite of passage in regensburg . . .

an important part of the educational system in germany usually involves the successful completion of an entrance exam at the university level. here are a few visual impressions of the recent rite of passage, in the department of architecture, for the new hybrid industrial design program at the university of applied sciences regensburg. the following […]

posted 1 October 2012

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oh, öland ! . . .

autumn on sweden’s beautiful öland island . . .
matthew burger visits ölands folkhögskola in october, 2011
i was asked by a enthusiastic, versatile, instructor, louise häggberg, to visit her design students and colleagues at ölands folkhögskola (öland folk high school). here’s a very brief description of the basår design program. the duration of the […]

posted 7 November 2011

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rundgang in weimar . . .

here are a few of my impressions / images from this year’s bauhaus university’s (bauhaus-universität) rundgang from july 15th/16th/17th . . . this is only a very small sampling from all the work that was shown during rundgang, so try to visualize this small excerpt into an exponential factor of five for the full effect. […]

posted 17 July 2010

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esin arsan’s chair for two will be at icff . . .

“the chair has an affectionate look to it . . .
it looks like a chair that would embrace you.” mark goetz.
“in turkey you talk about the problems of your life with a person you already know, here in america in a support group for example, you might sit next to a person you don’t even […]

posted 16 May 2010

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hands on projects, mm continued . . .

kyle solá has been working on an inline skate concept for making meaning both autumn and spring this year as well as hand related products for protection . . .
with id view today marking the official end of our studio work together and the pratt show at the manhattan center just around the corner […]

posted 6 May 2010

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pratt id crystal competition with nachtmann • riedel . . .

the industrial design department’s crystal competition with nachtmann crystal, a division of the world renowned riedel glassworks, will have its final presentation this coming monday, april 12th in the design center gallery. among the jury will be maximilian & georg riedel as well as richard voit, managing director of the nachtmann division worldwide.
pratt nachtmann […]

posted 15 April 2010

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emily pilloton’s design roadshow comes to brooklyn . . .

industrial design chair matthew burger: “everything comes full circle; the avant
garde will eventually become the old guard.” (on progress in design and hearing victor papanek speak about a revolution in industrial design at cooper union in 1978) quote from the road, when: march 22nd, 1:23 p.m., where: lecture hall
at pratt institute in brooklyn, new york

posted 25 March 2010

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studio portal: portraits of the artists as young men & women

pratt studios room 59, is the home this semester to twelve id juniors in jeanne pfordresher’s studio section and the entrance is not just the approach to the shared work space, but also a graphic portrayal in images to the individual characters that are setting their sights on becoming designers and how they see themselves. […]

posted 16 November 2009

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making meaning’s roadtrip to swayspace . . .

making meaning took a roadtrip to swayspace on november 5th to understand more deeply the importance of expressing messages, information and graphics, beautifully well. the prime movers and shakers, willy schwenzfeier and patrick fenton, along with their design crew that includes shannon and ben, gave us a window into their design process and the rather […]

posted 6 November 2009

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making meaning’s critique results . . .

here are a few examples of design briefs and images from our making meaning preliminary critique, on tuesday, october 27th from 6:00pm until 9:30 pm. among our distinguished guests, we were honored to be joined by our new dean of the school of art & design, concetta stewart, phd., as well as id faculty members […]

posted 30 October 2009

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